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Savvy home buyers know that winter is typically a good time to embark on a house hunt, since much of their competition stays holed up at home until spring. But this winter, buyers might notice that despite the cold and the holidays, they've got company. Lots of it, in fact. "Normally winter is a good time for buyers," says® chief economist Danielle Hale. However, since the coronavirus kept buyers on lockdown for much of spring, many are making up for lost time by home shopping hard ri... read more

Homes for Sale Are Rapidly Disappearing

Posted by Brooke Price on November 24, 2020 in  Useful Information
Through all the challenges of 2020, the real estate market has done very well, and purchasers are continuing to take advantage of historically low mortgage rates. Realtor Magazine just explained: “While winter may be typically a slow season in real estate, economists predict it isn’t likely to happen this year…Low inventories combined with high demand due to record-low mortgage rates is sending buyers to the market in a flurry.” However, one challenge for the housing industry head... read more
Nothing, not even a coronavirus pandemic, can stop Black Friday from arriving—in fact, many of this year's hottest bargains rolled out weeks before Thanksgiving, rather than adhering to the tradition of waiting until the day after. And for first-time home buyers, this is truly a prime opportunity to stock up on all the essentials you need to keep your house in good shape without draining your wallet. Eager to snag a bargain but not sure what to get? For some help sussing out the best ... read more
For many of us, Thanksgiving is the official kickoff to the holiday season—the one truly American holiday that unites us all. It’s a time to gather with far-flung family members, squeeze as many people as possible around the dinner table, strenuously avoid talking about politics, and feast on a meal that may or may not feature turkey, but either way is a heck of a lot of food. But with COVID-19 rates rising alarmingly across the United States, many public health officials and government leaders are advi... read more
You probably already know that with the weather turning colder, bugs and rodents will be seeking refuge in your toasty warm abode. And you probably already know how they're getting in, too—through cracks in the foundation and gaps under the doors and windows. But you might not be aware of one other way pests can invade your home: your plumbing. Yes, it's a real-life horror movie that could unfold if you're not careful. To make sure the only unwanted guests in your home this season are your in-laws, we sp... read more